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Some mindset gurus promise you that books, mantras, meditation, and positive thinking will give you the success you’re looking for.

They promise incredible results with quick-fixes for some of your biggest struggles as a copywriter or creative entrepreneur. But more often than not – they only offer temporary relief.

After some time the doubts, fears and self-sabotaging behaviors come creeping back.

Staring at a blank screen for hours, the negative self-talk takes over.

  • “I can’t even write my own website. I’m a fraud.”
  • “Why do I all the high-paying clients seem to go elsewhere?”
  • “Will I ever be paid enough for the work I do?”
  • “I’m never going to be as good as some of the people I follow.”
  • “I’ve had a great month – but it feels like everything still going to fall apart.”

Maybe you’ve followed “money mindset” courses from people who claim to be experts. You read each one with hope – but deep down, you doubt they’ll work.

And the truth is they won’t.  Here’s why. . .

Most programs don’t go far enough to shift your thoughts.


To master your mindset you have to dig deeper. 

Master Your Mindset is the ONLY Group Coaching Program designed just for copywriters and creative entrepreneurs to help you dismantle the blocks that keep you from greater success.

The doors to Master Your Mindset Open Twice A Year. 

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Linda’s depth of understanding of the connections between mindset and life mastery is unparalleled. She’s got this uncanny ability to help you see past your own B.S. with grace and compassion.

Her teaching style is approachable and fluff-free. She gets to the heart of what’s holding you back in less time than it takes to watch an episode of This Is Us. But beyond all of that, what I love most about Linda is her presence. She really cares about helping others overcome the invisible beliefs holding them back. If you’re ready to stop letting your thoughts and past experiences sabotage your chance for a joy-filled future, there’s no better dream doula than Linda.

Chanti Zakariasen


Linda is a mindset surgeon. Rather than trying to stick a bandaid over deep seated beliefs and hope for the best (*cough* affirmations *cough*), she digs down deep into all that neural junk that’s holding you back, finds the root cause, and excises it with a steady hand.

It’s delicate work, but I’d trust Linda with it a thousand times over.

She allows you to feel totally normal and completely worthy, no matter what stories your brain is telling you or how your limiting beliefs are impacting the way you show up in the world (which is handy, because we copywriters are weird).”

Kirsty Fanton

Launch Copywriter



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