You Deserve to Feel Confident and Be Successful. 

Unlock the Entrepreneur Mindset that Will Get You There.

Entrepreneur Mindset Coaching for Small Business Owners, Copywriters & Creative Entrepreneurs

Once upon a time. . .Cool Cat, Foxy Mama and Dynomite Bought You Entry Into the Cool Kids Club.

But just like your limiting beliefs, thoughts and fears, they’ve become seriously outdated – holding you back from what you really want for yourself and your business.


You Wonder When They'll Discover You're a Fraud


You Re-Work Your Deliverable Until It's Perfect


You Procrastinate, Stay Busy or Often get Overwhelmed


You Overgive and Overgive To Prove Your Value


You Keep Discounting Your Pricing or Are Afraid to Charge More


You Think Next Month. . . You're Luck Will Finally Give Out


You Only Get So Far Until You Sabotage Your Success

Linda Perry is quite literally the only person I’ve ever not only SAT THROUGH an entire session on mindset, but actually enjoyed and agreed with, and saw value in.

I’m sure there are others who are great, but if you don’t want some zonked-out hippie with a deck of tarot cards or advice like jamming crystals in your downstairs and telling the univers, “I RECEIVE” to be the one informing your business strategy and personal growth Linda is quite literally the only choice I recommend.”

Joel Klettke

Conversion Copywriter & Consultant

Entrepreneur Mindset Mastery

Let me share a secret. . . . all the entrepreneur mindset stuff you’re carrying around today started when you were as little as I was over there eating my birthday cake.

And it’s all been sitting there hiding in your unconscious brain running the show and limiting what you can really achieve in your life!

But There’s Good News!

Even if you’ve read mindset books, meditation, mantras and positive thinking and nothing’s worked. . .it’s not your fault.

Because they haven’t gone far enough.

When you uncover your beliefs, fears and doubts, you have the power to shift them in ways that empower you!

Learn the one method that will move beyond your fears into greater confidence, so you can achieve some pretty radical things – in life and in business.

I’m Linda Perry.

Former self-saboteur, fellow Copywriter, Creative Entrepreneur and a Master Life Coach

It feels unbelievable today, but once upon a time my beliefs controlled me in ways that might surprise you… 

  • Going to law school to prove I wasn’t dumb
  • Getting married to the smart guy because he made me look smarter
  • Not going after jobs I wanted because I thought I’d be rejected
  • Making sure every single word I wrote was perfect
  • Staying in a job I hated because if I left – they’d find out I was a fraud
  • Accepting a salary far below my worth because I “wasn’t motivated by money”
  • Chasing awards, validation and approval from others, just to show my worth.

The list goes on and on.

Nothing improved until I mastered my mindset.

I spent 17 years as a “tough” criminal defense attorney, but it was the work of best-selling author and life coach, Debbie ford that finally helped me ditch my fears.

Through coaching, I gained the courage to leave law and pursued a certification as a life coach through the Ford Institute.

Today, I am a Master Life Coach who has helped hundreds of solo biz owners, copywriters, marketers, course creators and creative entrepreneurs dismantle their limiting beliefs and find success.

Personal coaching helped me change my life and build the successful business(es) I have today. It’s that powerful and I know it can work for you too!

While there are a ton of ‘mindset’ coaches floating around on the interwebs…

Linda’s the real deal because a) she is a certified coach, b) she ‘gets’ copywriters (she’s one of us), and c) she’s crazy smart, intuitive, and d) she actually gives a damn about helping copywriters.

I highly recommend this program if you’re serious about stepping outside your comfort zone (that’s where all the fun stuff happens anyway) and building a profitable business.”

Kira Hug

The Copywriter Club

Hey Linda, How Do We Work Together?

Mindsetter Membership

Mindsetter Membership is for you if you’re  looking for support that is flexible yet provides the anchor you need to get past your fears and doubts. With monthly coach & guest speakers, you’ll gain confidence you need!

Group Coaching

Currently Offering my 7-Week Group Coaching progam, Master Your Mindset, twice per year, remove the blocks that stand in the way of success! Intimate, personal and supportive – discover how far you can grow in beyond your limits.

Private Coaching

I work with a limited number of clients one-on-one through my private coaching packages. All coaching takes place via zoom and is designed to help you move powerfully forward in your personal and business life.

Mindset Sessions

In a time of crisis, you need a little support to help you work through your fears, doubts, beliefs and patterns. Laser focused, you can choose from 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions to help you move beyond uncertainty into inspired action.

Not sure what program is right for you? Schedule a Complimentary 30 minute call to learn how I can help you!

Why Work With An Accountability-Driven Entrepreneur Mindset Coach Who’ll Always Be in Your Corner?

You Can Stop Waiting and Start Achieving!

Instead of waiting for someday to land the clients you desire and make the money you dream of, start taking concrete steps to achieving the things you’ve always dreamed of.

You Get A Proven Process

I’ve helped hundreds move forward and ditch their fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. Swing open the doors of change and follow the steps countless others have used to feel confident and prepared to change!

You'll Feel Fully Supported

Whether you join my Mindsetter Membership, Master Your Mindset Group Coaching or work with me privately, you’ll be supported to move past your comfort zones and experiment with new ways of being. 

You'll Never Feel Alone.

Sometimes we can get isolated with our thoughts and feel like we’re the only ones who feel the way we do. Discover how alike we all are and use that knowledge to fuel change.

You'll Take Real Action

Unlike therapy which focuses on the past and present, coaching is forward thinking! You’ll create action steps that will powerfully move you forward each week and move you past the blocks that hold you back.

You'll Have Fun!

Transformational work doesn’t have to be all “work. It can actually be fun. We’ll celebrate your victories and learn to enjoy each new milestone! 

So, What Will You Choose to Do Next?

Which path will you choose?

Will you continue to hope that your mindset will change on its own – and try methods that offer temporary relief. . .  


Will you choose to take action and build the kind of business success you’ve always wanted?

Begin by scheduling a 30-minute complimentary call today.



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