The Secret to Closing the Sale

How Mindset Can Improve Your Sales Strategy & Close with Ease



Understand Your Customer’s Mindset

and Get A Competitive Advantage

to Win More Clients.




January 27th at 10 am pt/ 1 pm ET


 Do you wish you could tap into what your customers are thinking – so you could get even better at selling? Now you can!

You already know that your mindset plays into your own decision-making, so why should it be any different when it comes to your customers?

Like you, your potential customers worry about money. They worry about looking good. They worry about their own success. 

And the more you can understand what they’re thinking, the better you’ll be able to meet their needs and complete the sale.

Understanding your client avatar isn’t enough.

The truth is that in the past year, much of what you understood about your customers has changed. And their mindset keeps shifting with every breaking news report.

It’s left you with questions.

How do you remain respectful of where people are right now and still share with them what you have to offer?

How do you stay on top of their ever shifting needs?

You want to connect with your audience and still be successful! So, how do you do it?

The Secret to Closing the Sale is a 90-Minute Quarterly Workshop designed to give you a clear understanding of the world you find yourself in + real practical tools to know exactly how to sell.

I’ll share with you current mindset trends that will help you view sales through a different – more effective lens so you can feel more confident putting yourself out there (and close the sale).

Join me for this 90 minute interactive workshop and get templates, scripts, exercises and tools to help you navigate your own mindset and understand how to adapt to your client’s ever-changing mindset.

Oh, and when you sign up once – you get access to all future workshops so you can stay on top of everything!

Making an offer is about so much more than what you’re offering or setting the price. I knew my mindset could make or break a sales conversation so with everything going on in the world right now

I turned to Linda.

She opened my eyes to the importance of the mindset of prospective buyers. Mind blown. Then she took it down another level to collective mindset (AKA The mindset of those who surround the buyer). I hadn’t even considered that and with the impact of COVID-19, I’m so glad she did. Now that I know how to identify and address these mindset pieces, I fell confident presenting and closing my offers.

Mariana Norton

The Purposeful Entrepreneur

Examine Mindset Trends To Formulate A Focused and Effective Strategic Plan to Sell.

Mindset has always been a factor in sales. Yours. Your Customer’s . . .

Now more than ever, understand how mindset factors like fear, beliefs, and uncertainty, impact your ability to sell your products and services so you can better navigate today’s turbulent economy.

Geared toward the small business owner, my Secret to Closing the Sale Workshop looks at how our quickly-changing world impacts what products to sell, how to sell and when to sell – giving you a leg up against your competitors.

Listen, I know you’re likely feeling the stress and wondering how to stay afloat or ensure that you keep your business thriving.

I want to help you get better at selling your products or services.

Having a strong mindset is the foundation of a prosperous business.

And now, more than ever, you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected.

So, rather than guess at what’s going on, I’ve done the research to help you uncover what’s happening on a local and global basis, so you can sell EFFECTIVELY and with a precise strategy that can help you stand out in the sea of noise!

Enroll Once and Get ALL Future Updates!


This 90-Minute Workshop Will Help You Improve Your Confidence, Anticipate Upcoming Mindset Trends that Might Impact Your Business and Create A Clear Path for Growth.

Whether you’re an online business owner who finds yourself unsure how to sell your current produts or services or you’re a brick and mortar business that needs to consider your business viability, this workshop will help you understand how you and your audience make decisions NOW and what you can do to create real opportunity for your business.

Here’s What You’ll Learn :

Current Global Mindset Trends Impacting Your Customer’s Mindset

The Mistakes Most Businesses Make NOW (And How You Can Avoid Them)

What YOUR specific Audience is REALLY Thinking and How You Can Best Position Yourself and Your Biz 

How to Evaluate The Trends of Your Specific Niche

Improving Your Sales Pitch to Match Your Client’s Tone and Mindset

With templates, tools and exercises you’ll walk away feeling prepared to to take action!

Hi, I’m Linda Perry!

Recovering Trial AttorneyBusiness Strategist, and a Master Mindset Coach

I honed my skills of research and persuasion in federal courtrooms as a criminal attorney around the country so I have some unique insights about how people make decisions – under the most difficult circumstances.

Couple that with 5+ years as a strategist and a copywriter and 7+ years as a Master Mindset Coach who’s helped hundreds of clients dismantle their mindset obstacles and find greater success. . . I love showing people how to use mindset to grow your business.

I love selling and showing my clients how to sell because it means that you get to solve problems and help others take action. Using a framework I’ve created, called Mindset First, I help you understand how to use mindset to be more thoughtful about each aspect of your business: including sales.

I work with individuals and businesses through workshops, coaching programs, memberships and one-on-one to help them overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and doubts so you can tune into the strategies that help you scale and grow!

I hope you’ll join me for this opportunity to move your business forward. 


Your high-level grasp of short-term and long term trends when the coronavirus is making everything chaotic. You synthesized a lot of information about sales, who’s buying what, positioning, coming up with bite-sized offers, etc. I also appreciated your encouragement to stick with my niche (don’t pivot!) and my pricing (don’t discount!).

This workshop far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I owe you because I paid so little and the information you shared was worth hundreds!

Melissa Harstine

Website Copywriter

Saying “YES” to a new offer from Linda is always a no brainer. I get value per MINUTE when I’m in her presence, and I always know there will be learnings that roll over mer like a tidal wave long after the session is over. I’ll never forget how quickly and succinctly we were able to bust through the first block we worked on together. Now hey, Linda is the first to say that old demons can come back to haunt you – the work is ongoing. And that’s true. I’m grateful to have Linda to face those demons (and light ’em on fire).

Tamara Glick

Copywriter & Branding Strategist