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When Was the Last Time You Felt Confident and Knew For Certain You Could Build the Business (and Life) of Your Dreams.

At this point, you’ve taken the classes you need, you’ve sharpened your skills as a copywriter or creative entrepreneur and you’ve even done some pretty solid things for your clients – so why is it that you feel so stuck?

Why do you keep doing all of the things you know stand in the way of your success?

You Discount Your Products & Services

You Can't Put Yourself "Out There" and Be as Visible as You Need

You Compare Yourself To Others and Their Success

You Only Get So Far in Your Biz

You Procrastinate & Feel Overwhelmed

You're Always Waiting For the Shoe to Drop

You Worry About Money & Getting Clients

You Feel Like an Imposter

At this point, you’ve probably guessed. It’s your mindset. But it really doesn’t have to be this way.

Get off the self-sabotage hamster wheel and join Mindsetters . . . 

There are so many programs out there, selling you hopes, dreams, and promises that they will help you be the best you — finding something that actually works, is a needle in a haystack situation. Mindsetters is that needle. I can’t begin to describe how much om an impact Mindsetters is having on me. Every time there’s a new meditation, call, or interview online, I watch it and feel myself getting a bit closer to being the kind of person I want to be, and that I deep down think I can be. I am so grateful for your work and for finding this group.

Mona Jensen

Because Books, Mantras, Meditation & Positive Thinking Alone Won’t Get You There 

It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Mindset . .  

Introducing Mindsetters

Mindsetters is my private mindset coaching coaching community designed to provide you with the structure you need to help you move forward, while remaining flexible enough that you can do it on your time!


Uncover the REAL Reasons You Discount


Find the Confidence to be Visible


Start Building Real Pathways to Success


Improve Your Relationship With Money and Your Own Value


Connect with Others in Your Industry


Cut Through Your Limiting Beliefs and Overcome Fears

Hi I’m Linda Perry,

Trial Attorney turned Master Life Coach & Copywriter, I’ve been some version of where you are right now. 

Unsure of my own abilities, afraid to fail, never-ever wanting to look stupid and giving away my worth at every turn . . .it took coaching to help me see that I deserved to be successful and confident in who I was and what I had to share!

Like you, I tried things like therapy, books, meditation and positive thinking, but the solutions were only temporary. I would keep repeating my self-sabotaging behaviors over and over and felt that I couldn’t change.

But the truth is that nothing worked because it didn’t go far enough – all of the solutions sought to change my behaviors instead of shift my beliefs in who I really was or what I could accomplish.

Mindset work truly changed my life (and the success I now enjoy) – and it’s changed the lives of hundreds of others I’ve worked with in my private and group coaching program. 

Like my group coaching programs, Mindsetters is designed to give you the foundation you need to move forward and make the changes you’ve desired.

I hope you’ll join me and see how revolutionary coaching can be for you too!

Your new mindset will thank you!

What You Can Expect Inside Mindsetters

Guided Meditations

You’ll receive Two Guided Meditations per month designed to help uncover subconscious programming and beliefs. Each meditation will come with a short mindset lesson followed by a 15-20 minute meditation that culminates with an action step for the following two weeks.

Weekly Emails

Begin each week with an inspirational quote followed by a mindset lesson and action step that you can take to help you stay focused and energized throughout the week! Emails will be sent to you every Monday morning.

Supportive Community

Be supported by me and your Mindsetter Community in our Private Facebook Group. This is the place to ask questions and reach out to others for greater mindset support. 

Monthly Coaching

Each month, you’ll be able to hop on and join me for 45 minutes of live group coaching where you’ll receive guidance to help you move forward on a particular mindset subject – including sabotage, dealing with stress, owning your worth and more.

Guest Interviews

Enjoy monthly interviews with industry experts who share their expertise and some of the mindset tools that have helped them move forward and get noticed – topics like cold-pitching, podcasting, voice and more!

Greater Accountability

Each month you’ll be able to track your progress and set accountability anchors to move you forward with a monthly assessment and accountability tracker that you’ll find in the membership portal!

You’ll be able to access all the past Meditations, Coaching Calls and Interviews in the Membership Portal.

Plus, as a valued Mindsetter, you’ll receive special pricing on many of my programs and offers.

Mindsetters is for You If . . . 

✓ You’re a copywriter, course creator or creative entrepreneur (marketer, author, graphic designer and more) who is ready to become more visible in your business

✓ You’re tired of repeating your patterns and are ready to claim greater success

✓ You’re looking for a flexible, affordable way to get mindset support

✓ You want to improve your confidence and be able to own your capabilities

✓ You’ve done “work” on yourself but it hasn’t moved the needle like you wanted

Discover how mindsetters can help you set a new trend when it comes to mastering your mindset.

Your Investment for Mindsetters

Join the Mindsetters Membership for Creative Entrepreneurs and Copywriters. 

Discover the Mindset to Powerfully Claim the Success You Deserve

Mindsetters is currently open on an ongoing basis so you can receive the support you need today.

Join Mindsetters: the Only Mindset Membership Just For Copywriters & Creative Entrepreneurs!

Mindsetters is the only  mindset membership just for copywriters and creative entrepreneurs. 

If you’re tired of your excuses, fears and doubts holding you back, now is the time to join. Mindsetters is open for only a limited time and won’t be open again until the fall of 2020

So, if you’re tired of feeling disappointed, stressed and struggling, join the one mindset membership designed to meet your specific needs as a copywriter or creative entrepreneur!

I hope you’ll  join me today!

Mindsetters FAQs

What Exactly Is Mindsetters?

Mindsetters is a monthly coaching membership community designed to help copywriters and creative entrepreneurs find the success they deserve by adopting a powerful new mindset.

With a membership portal, guided meditations, live monthly coaching, private Facebook Group and more, the membership is designed to provide you with the tools, flexibility and structure you need to move forward.

Who is This Community For?

This community is for copywriters and creative entrepreneurs ready to let go of their mindset obstacles and achieve greater success. 

Simply put – it’s for anyone who knows that you’re your main obstacle and that no other course or skill will help you move forward. It’s for anyone who is finally ready to give up your excuses and say YES to achieving the goals set.

HOWEVER, this community is not for you if you’re committed to staying right where you are – unwilling to give up your prior ways in order to explore something new. This membership community is not a place to complain or blame, it’s about looking for the gifts in our challenges and finding new ways of tackling old problems.

How Do I Gain Access to Mindsetter Material?

Once you subscribe to the membership, you’ll be given access to the membership portal where you’ll be able to access your first guided meditation. 

You’ll also be invited to join the Facebook Community where the day-to-day interaction takes place. I’ll share items in both the Facebook Group and Membership Portal so that you can always stay on top of the latest tools to help support your growth.

What is My Time Commitment?

Mindsetters is designed to be flexible, yet provide the structure you need to truly move forward. You will spend time listening to the meditations, reading email and taking the action steps you create to move you forward.

And while your time commitment may vary from week to week, your success in this community will rely on you scheduling time and making your mindset a priority.

I also want to emphasize that no matter where you are in your process, there is no such thing as falling behind. Some weeks will be easier, while other weeks will require extra attention and time!

Are There Any Prerequisites?

No, there is nothing you need to do in order to join Mindsetters.

Even if you are new to coaching, Mindsetters will give you the tools, exercises and structure you need to step forward.

Do I Have to Join the Facebook Group?

If Facebook isn’t your thing, you certainly don’t have join. However, our Facebook Community is where so much of the support happens.

Within this private group, you’ll find the support and understanding of people just like you who crave a better life. I will be active in the Facebook Group to support you with comments and answers to some of your challenges and questions.  

I suggest that if even if you don’t like Facebook that you get an account just to be in the group and not make your profile public to others!

What if I Want to Cancel?

Enrolling in Mindsetters is completely no risk. If you decide that Mindsetters is not for you, you can cancel at anytime.

Canceling your membership prevents your payment from being charged at your next billing date. You’ll be able to access and receive benefits from the Membership through the last day of the month in which you cancel. 

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

No, I do not offer a guarantee as transformation is such a personal journey. From past experience, I do know that the more committed you are to your own evolution, applying the lessons and doing your own work, the more your life will change. 

Personal transformation is truly an inside job. And while I promise to hold you every step of the way, how much your life changes is truly up to you! 

I’ve made some pretty huge steps because of Mindsetters.
The biggest one is that I’ve “finished” my website. I’ve started taking time to build my business. My days and weeks are more organised. I’ve also started saving tiny amounts of money to feed my new beliefs!
Marcus Dace


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