Introducing Your Domination Plan For Success!

Unlock Clarity and Direction In 4 Clear-Cut Steps.

See How a Powerful Vision Can Propel Your Business & Life Towards Success.

Define your vision domination plan. Unleash your success.

You probably know your vision is more than just cutting out magazine clippings and gluing them to poster board.

And it’s more than daydreaming about NYC penthouse views.

While all that’s nice and lovely, staring at pictures of places you’ve never been or daydreaming about the apartment you wish you had can actually be an anxiety nightmare.

Instead of looking at all those awesome things on the poster board with “I can’t wait!” excitement, your brain immediately wants to answer the question “how in the heck is any of this remotely possible for me?”

To which you might answer: 

  • I’d have to work way too hard to buy a house there
  • No one’s business and life could be that balanced.
  • I don’t know anyone who’s done it so it must be too hard…or impossible.
  • All my ideas have been done (better) by someone else anyway. What do I have to add?

Those thoughts immediately put you in panic mode. You give up on figuring out exactly where you want to go and what you want for your business and out of your life. 

Instead, you set smaller goals that keep your wheels spinning but don’t actually move you forward.

So how do you get over that? How do you move past your fears to truly unlock a vision that will drive your business (and life) forward?

The good news is your vision is already inside you.

You don’t need to chase after it or even create it!

You just need to unbind it and let it loose!

And that’s just what you’ll do in this program.

Your Domination Plan for Success is the only program designed for small business owners, marketers and creative entrepreneurs to finally see your vision, connect with it, and use it to guide your business.

I’ve never done any work on creating a vision before. I signed up for this because I’ve been feeling lost for a while. Now, I feel like I have a clearer picture of how I want my life to look and the direction I need to take to get there. 

Melissa Li

Your vision is already there waiting to guide you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new and searching for that first client, or if you consistently hit $10k+ months…getting to the next level is difficult.

Keeping busy at your desk, taking clients you don’t necessarily want, and making excuses about it all when what you really want is to have all these decisions be easier… and feel good to make.

You’re not sure how to make it happen and frankly– everyone around you does the same thing so it seems extra frustrating that this is somehow normal.

So why this program?

As a master mindset coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of people…all with the same goal to break through their negative mindset and build bigger, stronger businesses (and lives.)

And the one underlying thing I saw with almost every client was they didn’t have a vision to drive their decisions- to make it clear where they were going in business and life.

And that’s what this program is.

Can a Vision Program Change your Business?

Watch this short video to find out!

In 4 guided steps, let’s uncover a vision so clear you’ll:

  • Feel confident in your business
  • Make decisions that you know in your bones are right for you.
  • Course-correct when something is definitely not aligned with your true self
  • Know what’s really important to you 
  • Stop letting the question “but how” get in the way

How this program works:

This is a self-paced program. You’ll gain access to a portal where you’ll find each step with videos and worksheets to guide you through the process. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be left alone. 

To unlock your personal domination plan takes a little effort.

That’s why I’ll be there every step of the way. You’ll receive reminders and direct support from me to free yourself from any fears that may come up…so by the end, you’ll finally see a life you love and have a clear path to a business that feels good for your bank account and in your heart.

Step One: Understand The WHY of Vision

While you probably already know a vision is important–there is often confusion about what a vision is, what it isn’t, and why it matters in the first place.

Step Two: Core Elements of Vision

A strong vision contains certain elements. (Hint: money is a part of it, but it isn’t everything.)

Step Three: Move Past Your Blocks

Releasing the stories you tell yourself that don’t serve you is essential to uncovering a vision that builds your ideal life and business.

Unbound Your Vision

Manifesting isn’t enough to uncover your vision. You must put pen to paper to create a vision that points you in the right direction while anchoring you at the same time.

Before the Vision Challenge I sort of knew where I wanted my business to go in the next few years but I didn’t have a solid vision of it. Thanks to daily worksheets and insightful questions, I ended up with more clarity and direction. I’m more excited about the future than I have been in a long time! 

Patti Haus


Over 100 people who’ve taken this program uncovered their vision, and were launched into a business and life they love (and is profitable). Start unlocking your vision today for only $67.