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I recently heard today’s guest speak at a live conference – yes, live conference – where she shared the importance of making our online business compliant with the ADA – the American with Disabilities Act. This may not be something you’ve even thought of or perhaps you’re scared that this is too much, or yet another thing you HAVE to do as a business owner. But the truth is that there is huge audience that isn’t being served online and our online homes are hard to navigate through. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, Myrna Daramy – a marketing technologist who is obsessed with optimization and serving others – shares with us what it means to be ADA compliant and the advantage of doing this for your business right now!

I’m excited to share Myrna with you, her wisdom and opening you up to a new way you can serve an audience eager to be served.

Time Stamps: 

Introduction 0:00-3:42

Myrna’s Personal Journey 4:15-6:26

ADA Compliance for Online Businesses 6:40-9:56

Business Owner Reactions 10:42-12:28

Who Is Being Ignored? 12:30-15:13

Cost 15:52-17:01

What Does It Look Like To Be ADA Compliant? 17:02-21:16

POOR Framework 21:59-24:00

Noncompliance 24:20-25:18

What Are We Concerned About? 25:25-26:08

What Does Myrna Daramy Do? 26:13-27:17

Conclusion 27:20-29:19


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