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I often talk about how becoming unstoppable begins with shifting your mindset and reclaiming your power. Too often we give our power away with simple excuses, stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t do something and how the world isn’t delivering what we want. But the one thing you might not be aware of is that your negative mindset and head trash is also polluting your marketing message. The truth is that your mindset can impact what you say, how you say it and even how often you’re willing to say it. It can even drive you to create offers and programs that you think your audience wants – but maybe aren’t ready for. This is a real problem and can send your mindset – even further into the toilet. So, on this episode – I want to share my personal story around how mindset has driven my message over the years and how even now – when I feel like I’ve reached a place of being more authentically me than ever before – I can still fall into the mindset trap driving bad messaging. Tune in for some strategies and ways for you to identify what’s going on for you. 

Time Stamps 

Introduction 0:00-2:18 

Standing in Our Way 2:18-5:29 

How is Your Head Trash Showing Up in Your Marketing? 5:29-7:10 

Continuity 7:10-8:50 

Cohesiveness 8:50-10:33 

The Mindset of More 10:33-12:47 

Mindset is the Subconscious Driver of Your Business 13:28-15:01 

Seeking Out Your Head Trash 15:03-19:28 

Putting Yourself Back in the Driver’s Seat 19:28-20:29 

Conclusion: 20:45 


Don Miller Building A Storybrand 

Linda Perry – Unstoppable