I'm excited to share that I am publishing a book! I've compiled and re-written 52 of my most commented on, shared and transformational Weekly Path to Peace emails and am putting them in a book. I've added new action steps and am excited to launch the book hopefully later this year.

This is where you come in.

I would love to include excerpts from my readers about Weekly Path to Peace. I'm looking for ways Weekly Path to Peace has helped you make small changes or inspired you to take action in any way. I'd love to hear how reading WPP has become part of your weekly ritual. Was there any particular topic that has helped you or that you return to from time to time?

Your comments, quotes and stories would be so helpful to me!

If you want to contribute to the book, simply fill out the form below. Weekly Path of Peace is a labor of love. It is as much a gift that I give as one I receive hoping it makes even the slightest change in your life. Thank you!

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