Follow Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” Bishop T.D. Jakes

The road to finding our purpose can be bumpy, curvy and often unexpected. Many of us believe that finding our purpose should come like a lightening strike, waking us up from our sleepy life. We search and search and end up frustrated when it doesn’t come roaring like a lion into our consciousness. Having a purpose in life is the ultimate goal. Most of us want to know the reason we’ve been put on this earth. We want to know that we that we have a bigger purpose that can serve others or even help the world at large. And when we don’t readily find it, we feel a bit lost or stuck in our daily life. But, maybe the problem is that we’ve been looking in the wrong place. Our purpose doesn’t have to be grand to be important. It can be as simple as serving our family or affecting just one soul. The ripple effect is just as massive. Most of us tend to ignore the whispers and continue to search for a purpose to no avail. For others of us, we can’t believe our purpose lies in something we like so much and turn instead to doing something “useful”, remaining on a constant and empty search. When we shift our vision on what a purpose might look like, though, it becomes easier to find it. We turn to our passions and suddenly recognize the natural flow of life. We begin to see that the Universe has been showing us the way all along. Like the writer that has spent her life writing for others, discovers that she’s had a personal story inside herself all along. Or the woman who’s been volunteering with teens suddenly realizes she can go back to school to help them on a bigger scale. Whatever your passion, it is likely that if you’ve been looking for your purpose – the seeds have already been planted within what you love.

Weekly Path to Peace: Follow your passion and discover your purpose.

  • Are you still wondering what your purpose is? Maybe you thought you found it, only to second-guess yourself because others might not see it right away. Allow yourself to simply stop and listen this week. Look to your passions. What lights you up? What could you talk about for hours? Just notice and take notes on the things that make you excited.
  • Take one step to follow your passion. That may mean taking a language class, going to school or asking for help. This week do one thing that lights you up. Even if you think it’s not practical, let yourself just see where your passions take you.

As you begin this week, rate your level of happiness, self-esteem and self-confidence on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not satisfied and 10 being very satisfied. Notice where you are Sunday evening after you do this week’s peace practice to see if there is a change.