Hit Pause

Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.” Bruce Feiler

We are often in such a rush to “get there” that we forget to take a moment to breathe it all in. We might catch a glimpse of the beauty around us, but forget to really soak it all in. Maybe we’re too wrapped up in what we’re doing to notice or perhaps we get into the challenge of finishing the task that we forget to pause – but the result is the same: we miss the beauty that exists all around us. And who can blame us. The world we live in is all about who finishes first rather than who finishes best. It’s all about getting somewhere before we do a victory dance. But, like a long hike in nature, if we walk with our head down, we’re going to miss so much of the beauty that the world has to offer. Instead of rushing around as we do all the time, when we pause and take in what is happening, we quickly improve how we feel – not only about ourselves, but about our current life circumstances. When we let ourselves pause, we give ourselves time to catch up with how much we’ve grown. We can survey our past not for negative self-criticism, but for the victories we’ve had and the joy that currently exists. When we hit pause, we allow ourselves to enjoy the little gifts of our life, which – with our focused attention – grow in importance and in delight. Rather than taking things for granted, when we slow things down to a turtle’s pace we can breathe more fully. It’s as if we’ve been given a new perspective on our life that might have been missed otherwise. One that allows our shoulders to relax, our appreciation to grow and the love we feel to be renewed in unexpected ways.

Weekly Path to Peace: Hit pause daily.

  • How do you rush through life? Do you try to be first instead of taking the time to really enjoy the journey? Do you put your head down and hope life just turns out the way you’ve planned? Notice all the ways that you try to “get there” rather than pause from time-to-time to soak it in. Write out what you notice.
  • Hit pause each morning, afternoon and evening this week and take in everything you are doing and being. Consciously walk through your week as if you’re accompanying the turtle. Breathe in the beauty, simple gifts and progress you’ve made in all areas of your life. Write down everything you notice as you give yourself the opportunity to pause as a way to soak it in more deeply.

As you begin this week, rate your level of happiness, self-esteem and self-confidence on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not satisfied and 10 being very satisfied. Notice where you are Sunday evening after you do this week’s peace practice to see if there is a change. 

Join the 21-Day "Happy is a Verb" Challenge and feel happier for good!

Join the 21-Day "Happy is a Verb" Challenge and feel happier for good!