Everything Happens for A Reason

"Change doesn't have to be hard, and healing doesn't have to hurt. Surely by now you know that everything happens for a reason! There is something better awaiting you on the other side of this." Iyala Vanzant

When things are going great, it’s easy to accept this idea that everything happens for a reason. It’s a much harder concept to grasp when we’re in the middle of turmoil and difficulty. We ask ourselves, can pain and tragedy really happen for a reason? Is the only path to where I want to go through this nightmare? If we look solely at the difficulty of our circumstance, it leaves us feeling helpless – like we are either being punished or the victims of a cruel and random Universe. It becomes easy to feel defeated if we view our troubles from this vantage point. However, understanding that perhaps this nightmare is an opportunity helps us shift our pain and look for possibility. How many times have you been on the other side of pain only to recognize that without that experience you would not be where you are today? That the situation brought you strength or joy in unexpected ways? When we’re in the middle of the muck, it’s hard to remember that all of this is part of your unique journey. That this or something better awaits you once you have climbed this mountain. Resisting what is in front of us only brings us more sorrow. Recognizing that everything happens for a reason allows us to find comfort and peace. It brings us back to a place where we can recognize that the Universe is really benevolent and that we really are all connected. And even if you sit there and reject this idea as convenient, ask yourself which perspective will help you move forward with your life? The one where you feel as if you are the victim of a punishing world or the one that recognizes the gifts in every moment? Ultimately, the choice is our own. We can suffer and focus on our pain, or we can use our distress to find tremendous growth and opportunity. Yet, it is only when we find that deep acceptance that this too is part of our plan that we see the beauty emerge.

Weekly Path to Peace: Accept that everything happens for a reason.

  • Accepting that everything happens for a reason is more than looking at things and making them positive. It is understanding that your circumstances are there to show you great opportunity. Begin this week by looking at what you might be resisting in your life right now? Where are you most frustrated or feel like you are unable to achieve the results you desire? How are you fighting your current situation? Connect with and write out all the areas of your life where you are not accepting what is happening.
  • Practice accepting your circumstances. Post a reminder that whatever you are facing is happening for a reason (even one you can’t yet see). Look for the gifts in where you are right now and try to focus on at least one thing to be grateful for every day this week.

As you begin this week, rate your level of happiness, self-esteem and self-confidence on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not satisfied and 10 being very satisfied. Notice where you are Sunday evening after you do this week’s peace practice to see if there is a change.