Waiting for . . .an Excuse

“For those of you who are ‘waiting for a sign’ . . . if you woke up today THAT’S YOUR SIGN.” Steve Maraboli

How often have you asked for a sign? Something pointing you in the right direction – letting you know that YES, this is it. This is the direction of your life’s purpose. Once every while that message comes down like a lightening bolt. Like when you meet “the one” or the right person just shows out to help you out with an important decision. We cherish the security of knowing that we’re on the right path. But, what do we do when the sign isn’t there? Or if we get multiple “signs” pointing us in different directions? Oftentimes, when we don’t get a sign we get stuck or confused – which leads to serious inaction. We tell ourselves that because we aren’t getting messages from the Universe that it must not be our time – or that our chosen path must not be the one. What we don’t recognize, though, is that waiting for a sign has become an excuse for doing or not doing something. It allows us to bury our fears and resistance and instead of working through them, allows another great idea or miracle to pass. “It wasn’t meant to be,” we say. “I got stuck so God must not want me going forward.” We tell ourselves stories just so we don’t have to see that maybe – just maybe – what’s holding us back is ourselves. Maybe we don’t want to make a difficult choice. Maybe we’re afraid that if we step into our purpose that we’ll fail. Whatever it is, we sabotage ourselves all in the name of waiting for a sign. So, what’s the solution? If we really want to get clear on our signs, perhaps all we have to do is take a step forward. Decide what is working and what isn’t – after we’ve actually taken the initial steps. After all, maybe that lightening bolt we’ve been waiting for is around the corner. And all that we really needed, was the sign that today is another day for us to make at least one choice that moves us in a direction.

Weekly Path to Peace: Move toward your sign.

  • Have you been waiting for a sign? Hoping that you’ll get some message that will tell you which way you should go? Maybe the first step isn’t about getting 100% clear, but about moving in some direction. One way you can do that is really envision what this situation or circumstance might look like if you had your dream come true. If it’s a job or career, what would your ideal work situation look like? Get clear at least on what your perfect day at work might look like.
  • Now, instead of waiting for a sign if you’re on the right path, do one thing to move forward. Anything. Even if it might be the wrong thing, let yourself try something out. You choose what that one thing might be and do it this week. Don’t let fear, doubt or lack of knowing how stop you! Promise yourself that waiting for a sign will not be your excuse this week.

As you begin this week, rate your level of happiness, self-esteem and self-confidence on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not satisfied and 10 being very satisfied. Notice where you are Sunday evening after you do this week’s peace practice to see if there is a change.