Patience is Peace

Patience is more than the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer

Patience is easy when things are going our way; when we feel confident and strong that the world is going to deliver what we expect. However, when we are overwhelmed and flooded with expectation, patience becomes challenging and difficult. In those moments, we tend to equate patience with the ability to wait and don’t recognize that patience is really more about HOW we wait. If we are irritable, angry and tend to snap at others then clearly, we are not really being patient. What we are is resisting what is before us. We may tell others that we are patient, but if we feel tense inside then we are fighting the natural flow – like a fish swimming up stream. The same goes for when we work so hard at a goal and if we don’t see immediate results – we become defeated or feel like a failure. True patience, then is the ability to stay the course. To be able to see the outcome even when it isn’t apparent on the horizon. Patience is the belief that no matter what, we know our goals and dreams will be achieved. It is the ability to show up day after day living in peace and comfort with whatever we face and whatever we currently have. Undoubtedly, for many of us, patience is a constant challenge. We live in a world where things appear as if success is an overnight sensation. The truth is that those that have been successful have mastered more than a mere ability to wait. They have mastered the ability to wait with assurance, consistency and an understanding of where they are going. Indeed, we can think of patience as an internal compass that guides us along our path – but without the expectation of time. When we embrace true patience, what we are ultimately embracing is trust, confidence and ultimately a value in our own personal comfort and peace.

Weekly Path to Peace: Embrace true patience.

  • This week, examine where you are feeling tense or resisting some aspect of your life or circumstances. Even if your mind understands that what you want takes time, in what ways do you feel challenged or wish that things were different. Connect with all the different ways that you might be resisting what you are currently experiencing. Spend some time journaling or writing down what you discover.
  • Understanding that patience is more than the ability to wait, determine how you can bring real patience to any area of frustration. What is one thing that you can do to build trust and a belief that everything you are working toward will be accomplished? Perhaps begin each morning envisioning all that you want as if it is already here. Examine your beliefs about what you believe you can achieve. Put in place a mantra to support you in creating new beliefs.