Stop Resenting Your Emotions

“Avoiding fear, sadness or anger is not the same thing as happy. I live my sadness every day, but I don’t resent it anymore.” Zelda Williams

Nothing could be truer. Stuffing down our sadness or fear doesn’t bring us closer to being happy – it brings us closer to being numb. We mistakenly think that if we give in to our anger and sadness, that it will consume us and we won’t be able to function in our daily lives. We push it away and put on a happy face for others – all the while building a volcano deep inside ourselves – ready to erupt at any moment. We might even fool ourselves into thinking that we are actually happy, at least for a while. But, inevitably, we wake up one day unable to feel anything – or worse yet, deeply depressed. Like Zelda Williams says, the reason most of us stuff away our dark feelings, is that we resent them. Most of us are on a lifelong quest to feel happy, so any feelings of sadness are unwelcome and interfere with our grand goals. Yet, if we were to take her advice and live our sadness everyday without resentment, we can learn to be more in the flow of our life and ultimately, make more room for the good things to come in. Sadness and anger can be important emotions, even in our quest for more happiness – oftentimes leading to action and forward movement. Sadness can also clear out what might be stored inside, releasing negativity and toxicity that holds us back from what we most want. So, even though we might be tempted to punish ourselves for our sadness, we might consider instead embracing our feelings fully so that we may experience all of life’s gifts.

Weekly Path to Peace: Stop resenting your emotions.

  • How often do you tell yourself to just push the negative thoughts away or if only you think positively, you will simply be happy. Begin this week to notice the ways you resent your sadness, anger or fear. Do you berate yourself for your feelings? Do you ignore your fears? Simply take note of all of the different ways you resent your emotions.
  • Begin each day reminding yourself to simply live your sadness, fear or anger instead of resenting it. Give yourself time to grieve or scream. Be afraid without fighting it or making it go away. The more you can simply free yourself of the restrictions, the better able you will be able to flow through and enjoy the gifts all our emotions bring.