Weakness is Not Better than Strength

Being weak doesn’t make you worthless. Being strong doesn’t make you invincible. But having those sides makes you, you.” Danielle Baker

Defined as the quality or feature that prevents someone from being effective, weakness is just a state of mind that blocks us from being effective and able to see all of who we are. Because weakness is generally regarded as a negative quality, we resist and fight it with all our being. But what we don’t readily realize is that by resisting weakness, we are actually keeping ourselves bound to our weakness and unable to move powerfully forward. Weakness is nothing more than a block – it is our judgment about being weak that prevents us from clearing that block and seeing possibility in our life. Weakness in and of itself is not bad and can actually serve us. When we embrace our own weakness, we are able to unlock that part of ourselves that sees the humanity in every one of us and helps us forgive, understand and be compassionate toward others. If we didn’t understand our own weakness, how could we provide comfort and understanding to others? Weakness helps us see things from a different perspective and tears down the shield that keeps us from sharing ourselves – it is the crack through which vulnerability and connection can enter. If we want to diminish the negative hold that weakness might have our lives, we eventually need to embrace that part of ourselves that is weak and understand that we contain both sides – strong and weak. It is up to us as to how we call upon and use them most effectively.

Weekly Path to Peace: Allow weakness to be the crack through which connection can enter.

  • To embrace weakness, we need to understand that weakness is just a temporary block that need not be resisted  - but understood and learned from. Instead of making your weakness wrong, begin by seeing all the gifts weakness has brought you in your life. Allow yourself to see how your weakness has connected you to others and write out all the gifts.
  • Each time you hear yourself judging or resisting your weakness, gently remind yourself that weakness need not be fought against, that it is temporary state designed to connect you to others. Re-direct any negative thoughts and remind you that from weakness is borne your greatest strength.