Share Your Smile

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Mother Teresa

We all know that person whose smile lights up a room, comforts friends and can be counted on in a time of need. No matter how we are feeling, we can’t help but return the smile and feel better in their presence. It is almost as if we don’t realize what it is about the person until we have left them - we awaken one day to recognize how much the simple act of their smile can affect our lives. Indeed, sharing your smile with another can change another’s day and be a gift we may not even be aware we are sharing. Simply recall the times you have received a smile from a stranger or a friend and you feel something shift inside. Even at our lowest, the love and affection that are shared through the simple act of a smile can help us transform from angry and bitter to light and satisfied. Unfortunately, so many of us forget how such an unassuming thing can have such a big impact – we get so busy with our lives and wrapped up in our stories that we forget to connect with the world or share of ourselves this way. But, when we focus on sharing our smile with others, we find ourselves feeling more connected, happier and fulfilled in ways that likely surprises even us. We find ourselves more willing to be vulnerable and let down our guard, understanding that we are all really want to feel the same thing: loved.

Weekly Path to Peace: Sharing Your Smile is a Beautiful Thing

  • Make a list of those people whose smile lights up your day or has lifted you up during dark times. Reach out to thank them for the gift they have shared with you as they may be unaware of how their act of kindness supported you.
  • Spend this week experimenting with how much a simple smile can affect others’ lives. Spend a day smiling at strangers. Bring a smile to a friend in need. Find as many ways as you possibly can to share this gift with others this week and notice how much brighter you feel yourself. 

This post is in honor of Melina Thornhill, who shared her smile so generously and with love. Rest in Peace.