The Role of Goals

A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Zig Ziglar

Setting life goals help keep us focused and gives our days purpose. But, if we focus too much on the completion of the goals, we tend to miss out on the beauty of the journey. By concentrating solely on the achievement of our goals we find ourselves feeling disappointed or unfilled upon completion (like something was missing). Conversely, not focusing enough on our goals might mean we get sidetracked or distracted – never finding our purpose and suffering in the despair of our failure. So, then, how should we approach goals to maximize our happiness and potential? We must begin by understanding that goals are the means and not the end. In order for goals to give our life real purpose, they should be less about our “have to’s” and more about being meaningful – goals that give us value or are a measure of personal growth. All too often we might put on our list of goals the desire to make a lot of money. We all need money to live, but it may not bring us happiness unless making money gives us value (which for some it does) – after all, there are a large number of people who spend their lives chasing money but still never find happiness. Instead, we want to make sure that the goals that fill our lives have purpose. That is not to say that we entirely remove all of our “have to’s”, but it does mean finding more balance so that our goals can include opportunities for personal growth, joy and fun. After all, if we are able to properly set goals that are aligned with our internal value, then we are more likely to not only achieve our goals – but enjoy the process of achieving them as well. And through that ultimate journey and evolution of our goals is where our true happiness lies.

Weekly Path to Peace: Set meaningful goals.

  • What role do goals play in your life? Do you use them as a compass to develop personal growth and a meaningful plan or do you set them and then get sidetracked? Decide whether the goals you currently have in your life align with your internal values or are they mostly a list of things you believe you “have to” accomplish? Do a simple inventory.
  • The goal here is not to ignore our list of “have to” goals, but add more balance. Create one to two goals this week that are meaningful; that you know will bring you happiness and personal growth. Set a date to accomplish that goal by and pick one person to act as your accountability partner who will help keep you on track and share in your victories along the way!

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