Living Despite Fear

I think fearless is having fears but jumping anyway.” Taylor Swift

People often say that one of life’s goals is to live without fear, but the reality is that even when we overcome one of our fears, it is only natural for fear to show up again in a different situation or circumstance. Fear is our default state – it is the ego’s way of making sure we are safe. Fear then, by itself, isn’t bad. It is only when fear keeps us from living life fully that it becomes negative. Fear can hold us back from experiencing the things we want, keep us stuck in negative patterns or even be debilitating when it manifests as anxiety. We may not even recognize our fear as fear because it sometimes masquerades as anger, excuses or judgment. Indeed, think of the last time you were upset or bothered with a situation or person – behind our anger or emotion was likely fear of something, whether it is a loss, the unknown or something else. We end up putting our faith into our fears and move further and further away from the life we envision. Our goal, then should not be living without fear, but living despite our fears. Recognize that fear is there to remind you to break through your comfort zone and find what awaits you on the other side. Instead of limiting us, fear can be a trigger for growth when we recognize it for what it is.

Weekly Path to Peace: Live life despite fear

  • Spend time today recognizing how fear is currently limiting or controlling your life? Even if you immediately think you don’t have any fears, look to a time where you have been angry, resistant or upset. Were there any fears behind your emotion? Write out all the ways you allow fear to stop you from living your life fully as you envision.
  • Decide this week to jump despite your fears. Identify one area of your life where you have held yourself back from acting because of your fears. Take one step this week to move beyond your fears and become fearless. It doesn’t have to be grand, but just allow yourself to do one thing that frightens or pushes your comfort zone.