Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.” Corrie Ten Boom

Our memories, strung together, make up the canvas of our life. They are often a way we hold onto the people or things we love and help us explain who we are. But, memories can also be a harness that keeps us stuck in the past and away from living the lives we most desire. When memories become the only way that we sustain ourselves, we limit the joy and happiness we can feel in the present moment – we miss all that now holds for us because we are so busy being sourced by what was. Memories, however, can become the key to our future when we use them as a guide for what we want most. If we look upon our stories as a sort of vision map of what we love, cherish and hold dear, they can inform and influence our choices in a way that our future becomes even richer than our past memories. In fact, if we were to create a vision board of all the things we most want, it likely contains bits of information we culled from our memories. We have to look at why we hold onto our memories and see what it is about those experiences that truly brought us joy. Was it the person we were with? Was it what we were doing? Or perhaps how it made us feel. If we look to see what we liked the most, we can begin to add even little things that will help us build new memories.

Weekly Path to Peace: Use memories as a compass for your future.

  • What is it that your memories show you about what you most want? What feeling, experience or emotion are you trying to capture. Love, joy, excitement or something else? Write a list of all of the wisdom your memories hold and “create” your ideal vision for your life now.
  • What can you do right now that will fill your life with the emotions from your best experiences. Rather than hold a memorial for your memories, do something fun or daring that will help you feel more fulfilled this week.