Asking for Help

The strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.” Rona Barrett

In our society, there is a certain pride in “going it alone.” But, too often we confuse the ability to take responsibility for our lives with having to do things all by ourselves. Indeed, responsibility and strength of character mean understanding that in order to create what we most want in our lives, we sometimes need to ask others for help. Just think how many hours of our lives go wasted because we insist on figuring it out or hiding in the shame that we just don’t know how to solve our current problem. We get buried in our pride, which often leaves us frustrated and isolated. Instead of realizing the power of the statement “I don’t know how”, we falsely cling to the belief that we are somehow weak or that we have failed. When we ask for help, however, we learn some valuable lessons. We learn how to receive the love, care and friendship of another person. We also learn how to give, because the person who is able to receive knows the importance of giving others the help they need. We also learn that others are really willing to help – to freely give of their knowledge and give someone a hand. Instead of separating ourselves from others, we can gain a new world view where we recognize that we are all more alike than we are different. Asking for help does not mean giving up. Asking for help really means that you are ready to move forward and that you are fully responsible for your life and the direction in which you intend to travel.

Weekly Path to Peace: Ask for help

  • How often have you let pride, fear or your own judgment stand in the way of asking for help? Identify at least one situation where you let pride, fear, or your own judgment stand in the way and ask yourself, what did it cost you? Did it cost you time, confidence, self-worth? Identify all the ways that NOT asking for help stopped you from achieving your intended goal or cost you something.
  • Now, recognize all the ways that asking for help might improve your life. Would you be more willing to receive, save time, find deeper connections? Look at all the ways asking for help will benefit you in your life. And then, take the step this week to reach out to someone and ask for help where you need it. Note how you feel afterwards and what you can now create that you could not before.