Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.” Paulo Coelho

Indecision can be difficult for so many of us because many of us believe ourselves to be decisive or at least feel like we know what we want most of the time. It can be more painful than waiting for something we want or even forgetting a pain we have gone through. Most often, the reason indecision is difficult is that the choice we have to make leads to the letting go of something we say we have wanted or believed we need to have. We get wrapped up in all of the stories we tell ourselves about how our lives ought to look and can’t connect to our soul’s deeper yearning. We then tend to ask for others’ opinions, wrestle with our thoughts and often lose sleep. But, the reality is that indecision is likely masked fear. Sometimes we act rashly and judge our situation because we’re just afraid we won’t get what we want or, perhaps, we are afraid we have made the wrong choice and keep weighing whether we need to make a different choice. But, regardless of what choice we are facing, when we recognize that fear is the likely culprit of our indecision, we can finally see options we might not have seen before. We can also then see that no choice can really be a wrong choice because it will simply lead us toward more information and different choices. Everything that we fear is generally then a misplaced belief that, once released, can end our suffering.

Weekly Path to Peace: Release fear, end indecision.

  • If you are currently grappling with an issue or feel like you are unsure what you should do, spend some time journaling about all of your fears or concerns regarding this issue. Recognize that most of what is driving our suffering is our belief that our situation should be different than it currently is.
  • Spend time imaging what your life or the situation would look like if you made one choice and then journal about what it would look and feel like. Do the same for the alternate choice. Allow yourself to sit quietly after you have journaled, take a few deep breaths and connect with an answer within – and trust whatever answer you hear.