Happiness Begins with Acceptance

Happiness can exist only in acceptance.” George Orwell

Acceptance is often the first step toward genuine happiness. Indeed, most of our struggles come from the fact that we either expect our lives to be different or look longingly back to a time when we felt things were going our way. Acceptance means looking at everything that is happening in our lives and understanding that our lives are unfolding perfectly – even if we can’t see it or understand our circumstances in the present moment. When we are in acceptance, there can be no drama, blame or judgment. We simply remain present to all that is happening so that we may reap the lessons, gifts and treasures that are always there for us to find. And although many of us believe we are in acceptance, the reality is that acceptance is more than saying “it is what it is”. It is about loving and understanding that this moment or circumstances are here to help us evolve and get to the next layer of our own evolution. And when we are in that position, it becomes so much easier to let go of expectations we have for our loved ones and ourselves. We can no longer find ourselves at odds with others or in pain. There is a genuine peace that can be felt once we accept the circumstances of our lives. We begin to let go, release and settle back into the flow of our lives – in essence, we allow ourselves to settle into genuine happiness. So, if we want our lives to be filled with more joy, it is essential that we begin with acceptance of all that is.

Weekly Path to Peace: Begin with acceptance.

  • What in your life are you currently not accepting or wishing that it were somehow different? Spend at least 15 minutes this week journaling about all the ways you might not be in acceptance. Where do you blame others for your current circumstances or wish that things were different. Are you telling yourself that your life “must” or “has to” be a certain way? Be aware that blame and expectation is usually an indicator that you are not in acceptance.
  • Take steps this week to bring more acceptance into your life. One way to do that is by asking yourself, what is there of value for me to learn? What is this moment here to teach me about myself or my life? How can I use what is happening to me now to find more genuine happiness? As you let go of your expectations or disappointment with others or your situation, notice too how your body reacts by letting go of tension or tightness.