More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.” Francois Gautier

We all have moments where we are perfectly clear about what we want, where we are going and how we want to get there. But, sometimes in seeking clarity, what we are really asking for is certainty. To varying degrees, most of us are uncomfortable with the unknown. Maybe we are ok with the unknown when it comes to our work, but are we want to know exactly how our romantic and personal life will play out. Oftentimes too, what starts out as a quest for clarity can quickly become a quest for certainty because, what originally seemed so clear in our hearts and minds, doesn’t always go the way we want it to go. Say for example, we spend years studying for a certain profession – absolutely sure that we have found our true calling. Only, when we actually begin doing the work we set out to do, we discover that it isn’t what we expected and we feel unfulfilled. And as doubt inevitably creeps into our brain, we begin to question everything, including our original mission and vision. But, if we can remember that doubt is simply a mechanism of our brain trying to protect us from being hurt, we can more easily connect with ourselves and again obtain clarity of purpose. Whereas, if we only seek certainty, we will forever be chasing safer ground rather than letting ourselves soar. Like a dog that chases its tail, chasing certainty leads us in circles and never toward the real clarity we want – which is understanding our true desire, plan and purpose without fear or disappointment.

Weekly Path to Peace: Seek clarity, not certainty.

  • Ask yourself how many times your quest for clarity has really been a quest for certainty. Think about the moments in your life that you really just wanted to know how to resolve a circumstance or situation so you could just get back to your life? Consider what was (or is) behind that quest for clarity. Is it some discomfort with the unknown, is it a fear that you won’t get what you want? Or is it that you want to truly understand your life’s purpose and mission.
  • To gain clarity in this moment, ask yourself what it is that you most want in all the various areas of your life: health, wealth, fun, personal relationships, home, spirituality. Imagine what you most want in all of those areas without any filter – even if you think what you want is impossible, allow yourself to gain clarity of vision. Once you have compiled your vision, let all your choices this week be in alignment with what you say you most want.