Believing is Seeing

You must understand that seeing is believing, but also know that believing is seeing.” Denis Waitley

As adults, most of us need concrete evidence before we can believe something to be true – we need to be able to touch, feel and see it before we let our minds believe. Our life experiences have taught us that it's not safe to believe first – that we will be risking too much pain or disappointment if we let ourselves simply believe. It's as if faith is something to be ridiculed as foolish rather than revered. Yet, if we look at babies, we can begin to understand that believing in all possibility is our natural birthright – without belief a baby would never take their first step or speak their first word. Unlike our younger selves, though, many of us don’t even see our life’s vision because we have lost our belief. We feel stuck or cynical and demand proof before we dare put our foot in the water. But, if we are to achieve all that we want for our lives, maybe we ought to consider putting belief first. Rather than waiting to be skinny, rich or loved, we must believe that everything we want is in front of us – only we haven’t yet accessed the door that opens it. And more importantly, even though we haven’t yet accessed it, we have absolutely everything we need to unlock and walk through the door once we are ready. Indeed, having belief means knowing that we already have all the things we so crave – we don’t have to wait to touch it. We can also feel all of the feelings that we associate with achieving our dreams. We don’t have to guard ourselves or hold back when we know that simply having belief can transform what we see.

Weekly Path to Peace: Put belief first.

  • What is it that you crave or has remained out of reach for you in your life? Bring to mind everything that you say you want for your life. Imagine what it would look like to stand in complete belief of that vision. What feelings would be present and how might your life look different than it does today. Spend time writing out what it would be to put belief first.
  • This week spend five minutes a day focusing on your vision as if it is already present. If you are seeking wealth, imagine what your life with increased wealth – even write yourself a check for the desired money you wish to earn this year. If your goal is finding love, feel all the feelings that you imagine would be present for you when you find your love. Let your imagination and belief run free.