Be Open to Serendipity

Looking for something, find something else and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.” Lawrence Block

We have all experienced the sweetness of serendipity at some point in our lives. That moment when we were looking for something or someone only to be surprised that what we found is actually better than what we were looking for in the first place. It can be such a good feeling, yet so many of us aren’t aware that serendipity can be an everyday way of looking at life. Instead of being so singularly focused, serendipity means having faith that where we are going is aligned with exactly what we need in our lives. Rather than having just one version of how our lives should turn out, a belief in serendipity allows for divine beauty to enter into our lives – far surpassing what we originally expected. Instead of approaching everyday with a completed canvas, serendipity means letting nature fill in the details of our picture with beautiful color and pleasant surprises. And while many of us may believe in serendipity, we also believe that it is only a rare occurrence – we can’t imagine that everyday something genuinely amazing can happen because most of us are caught up in our beliefs about the way our lives “should” turn out. What we don’t have mires us down. And instead of looking for the wonder at what we’ve been given, we focus on pain or disappointment. We ultimately lose faith and shut down to all possibility for our lives. In those desperate times, if we could simply vow to keep our eyes and expect the unexpected – we can begin to shift and allow for serendipity to walk through that open door. Imagine how different your life might be if you could awake every morning knowing that what you are about to be given is better suited to your needs than what you might have been looking.

Weekly Path to Peace: Be open to serendipity

  • Recount the times in your life where what you received far exceeded what you expected. Allow yourself to connect with the excitement and joy you felt when you discovered that life brought you exactly what you needed – without any effort or expectation. By connecting with all of the times life turned out better than we had expected, we can begin to shift our focus and be open – no matter where we find ourselves today.
  • This week invite chance to walk into your life. Put some randomness into your routine. Break your habits. Visit a new coffee shop, drive a new route or put yourself out there in a new way. By experiencing the world in a new way each day, we invite serendipity and the divine to grace our lives.