Surrender is About Being Open

Surrender isn’t about being passive. It’s about being open.” Danielle LaPorte

Many of us mistake surrender for weakness because often we aren’t ready to let go until we are at our lowest – on our knees looking for something outside of ourselves to help. It comes after we have given up holding on tightly and desperately saying “I can no longer do things this way.” But, surrender doesn’t have to be our last option and instead, might better serve us as our first. Although people mistake surrender for giving up and being passive, what surrender really means is going with the flow of life. It means letting go of what we believe should happen and instead accepting – and indeed loving – our life exactly as it is. Once we can accomplish being in the flow of our life, our choices suddenly become clear to us. We no longer struggle with the what-ifs or what do I do now questions. Instead, by remaining open to what comes, we can better discern what serves us and what does not – quickly dispensing with the trivial and steering toward a more directed life. Surrender is a practice we can develop so that we no longer have to push, resist or find ourselves driven to our knees again. The more we allow ourselves to let go, the more we can remain clear. Surrender allows us to let go of knowing how our lives will turn out or how we are going to achieve a certain life goal. While we all want to have a plan, the more we are in the flow, the more we can shift when we encounter an unexpected hurdle or circumstances. Ultimately, when we accept and let go, we embrace our own courage and true power because our choices and decisions are directed by what is happening around us and not in spite of what we experience every day.

Weekly Path to Peace: Be open.

  • Surrender is a practice you can develop everyday. Simply begin by imaging yourself holding tightly onto a riverbank. Experience how much you have to struggle to hold on as the water beats and tries to pull you down river. Now, imagine simply letting go, trusting the water to carry you safely down the river. Know that at any time you can choose which branch to grab or fork in the river to take.
  • Practice that visualization every morning this week and set an intention to remain open and in the flow throughout your day. Each time you catch yourself resisting what is, simply exhale and bring yourself back to the image of remaining in the flow of the river of your life.