Igniting Self-Confidence

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Unfortunately, unless we’re focused on building up our courage, which gives us our self-confidence and all that we need to make quantum change in our lives, the voice of fear will always lead inside our minds.” Debbie Ford

Fear takes center stage for so many of us. We fear for others and ourselves. We fear change, we fear stagnation, we fear failure and we fear success. We fear so much that it takes over our lives and prevents us from making the changes necessary to live our lives fully.  Sometimes it is a wonder that we experience any of life’s gifts because the voice of fear leads so strongly in our minds. Many of us may not be aware of it, but fear is ultimately what robs us of our self-confidence. That little voice in our head fills us with doubt, not only about what we are capable of, but also how the world outside will receive us.  It can incapacitate us so quickly and keep us stuck right where we are – in our stories and excuses about why our lives are not the way we want them to be. Courage, as Debbie Ford suggests, then can be the antidote for all-encompassing fear.  Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move beyond fear. Like any muscle, when we practice focusing on building courage, we can begin to take baby steps that will ultimately ignite self-confidence. Self-confidence when fully owned becomes the agent of real change in our lives. And even though self-confidence and courage may not be our natural state, it is true that what you focus on grows. When we build a practice or structure that honors and hones our courage on a daily basis – we dare to try new things and take back our self-confidence gradually.

Weekly Path to Peace: Ignite self-confidence.

  • The mistake we make is taking too big of a leap into change. In order to ignite and maintain self-confidence long-term, we want to shift gradually away from fear and toward courage. Begin by noticing each time you focus on the voice of fear this week. Rather than believe or give in to the voice of fear, simply ask yourself what might the voice of courage say in this situation? Allow yourself to focus only on what the voice of courage has to offer.
  • As you begin to focus on the voice of courage, decide on an action you could take that you have been afraid to do up until this point. Set a date to take that step and enlist a friend or coach to hold you accountable for taking that step. Notice the difference in your self-confidence at the beginning of the week and at the end after taking your step.