Gifts make us all happy. And you being a subscriber has been a gift to me!

As a thank you for joining me in my happiness revolution, I am sharing with you my new meditations, created just for you.

Happy is a Verb, Five Days to a Happier You Meditations!

Each of these meditations is designed to bring more awareness and create a shift in perception so that you can begin to fill your life with more happiness NOW instead of waiting for it someday!

Happiness is a choice we make! And although there is no magic pill, there are things we can do each day that will bring more peace, success and joy into our lives. 

And even though Happier You guided meditations won't have you laughing, they will help you do something bigger - shift your perspective and give you some simple things to do now to make you happier.

I keep saying it, but happy really is a verb and it begins with you taking simple steps to ensure, grow and create your true happiness.

Enjoy this gift from me to you!

The meditations can be downloaded so that you can save them and listen anytime. Simply Click on the Download button and save them to your computer. Or, you can use your e-mail link to come back here to listen over the course of the next five days. 

Intro Video: Watch for some simple instructions related to the meditations!

Oh, and don't forget to have a pen and paper to take notes on what comes up for you! 


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