Why wait to feel happy? 

I know you've probably tried other things.

You’ve read the books, gone to therapy and still, you feel like something is missing. You're afraid this won't work. I know how you feel - I've been there. But, I am telling you that it all ends now because coaching is really different.

Being happy doesn’t have to be hard Work.

It takes commitment, desire and ACTION. For maybe the first time, break through the things that stand in your way of living completely fulfilled. Gain practical tools each week, designed to help you let go of old patterns and adopt new ways of being so that by the time you are done – you will be unrecognizable to yourself and others.

Are you ready to:

  • Recognize and change lifelong patterns?
  • Get out of your own way and believe in yourself?
  • Create an exciting vision for your life with realistic goals?
  • Achieve life balance?
  • Take action steps that really do align with dreams?
  • Increase productivity and finish that project?

Whether you want to lose weight, are considering a career change, want to simply feel happier or use heartbreak to launch your life into an amazingly happy, new direction, I am ready to help take you there.

All coaching programs conveniently take place over the phone so you can participate wherever you are!

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Heal Your Heart Coaching™

13 Week Program

Can you imagine that heartache can be used as a catalyst to create pure happiness and an amazing new future? Heal Your Heart Coaching offers you the opportunity to take the pain from your past relationships – whether romantic, friendship or personal family relationships – and use them to transform devastation and loss to a profoundly enlightening experience. From fear and heartbreak, you will emerge with a new awareness, peace, and a powerful vision for your life. Learn how to find the gifts of your past relationships to create deeper, more meaningful relationships -  with yourself and others! 


Breakthrough Shadow Coaching™

10 Week or custom program

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching™ is designed to help you break free from the limitations of your life so you can live a life beyond your imagination! Developed by best-selling author, coach, and teacher Debbie Ford, this proven program will help you embrace your shadows – the thoughts, beliefs and patterns that stand in your way - so you can lead a happier more fulfilling life. Learn how to let go of self-doubt, self-sabotage and outdated beliefs so you can become fully empowered, confident and able to happily achieve all of your visions and goals!


What My Clients Have to Say:


"When I came to Linda, I felt stuck. She worked with me to recognize my own strengths, values and who I wanted to be in life. I always looked to others for the "right answer", but Linda helped me understand the answer is within me. I felt empowered and am living a happier and healthier life." - Kris


"Through shadow coaching with Linda, I found focus, strength and mental peace. Linda was great at explaining abstract ideas. Her patience and soothing demeanor set the stage for a safe place to delve into sometimes difficult issues. I would recommend this program to absolutely everyone." - Nicole


"I am so much more empowered and enlightened after hiring Linda for life coaching. I was looking for a pragmatic vehicle to help me reach an important goal and more than found one. Linda made me safe in expressing myself without judgment. Each week, she created a calm and welcoming environment where I could relax enough to make breakthrough discoveries I had not experienced through psychotherapy. Not only was she genuinely sincere and caring, but she was also excellent at keeping me focused. She takes real joy in her clients awakenings. I was able to use the tools from each week almost immediately in facing challenges and re-energizing myself toward my ultimate goals. On more than one occasion, mid-session I would just think "wow!" That's how refreshing and remarkable the experience is. It's rare to have so many useful insights into your inner machinations, in such a short time, with one person, through a single process; but it happened. I have already recommended Linda to my friends and family. I feel there is wisdom from this coaching experience that I will carry with me forever." - Catherine


"With Linda’s help I feel I was allowed to reclaim myself, my whole self, my inner self. She helped me to face and own my fears, to think of myself in a different light. Working with Linda has empowered me and I now get to choose my path, my direction, my future." - Debbie


"Linda helped me learn how to use shadow techniques to access parts of myself that I had denied, to transform those parts, and positively push my life forward.  I’d say my perspective has sharpened.  I'm able to see what is mine and how to empower myself when faced with both negative and positive shadows.  As a result, my confidence has increased, and I feel stronger and better equipped to face challenges head-on." - H


"If you are looking for a coach that will support contentment with the current state of your life – find someone else! The growth I experienced while participating in the Shadowing coaching with Linda was unbelievable; it permeated every aspect of my life. Early on in our sessions, Linda helped me go to my core and quickly, and objectively, identify my strengths while also acknowledging patterns of behavior that were not supporting me. Each week she clearly explained our objectives and helped me understand Debbie's work, while respectfully recognizing the pace of my growth. Linda will celebrate your success while helping you recognize your worth, but most of all she empowers you to know that all the answers lie within. I highly recommend coaching with Linda." - Claire


"Heal Your Heart was an amazing journey for me. We all know that the answers are inside us, but we don't always know how to find them. By working with Linda as my couch, she was able to guide me and to help me find those answers to heal myself. It was not an easy journey, also not a journey that is over. I now have the action steps and the tools to deal with all of my heart's emotions. Without taking the Heal Your Heart coaching, I would still be struggling with the heartache and pain that was crippling my life! I recommend this process for anyone that is dealing with heartache and loss from any type of relationship. My life is so much better because of this process." - Shawn