Creating Comfort in the Court Process

I like to tell people that I am a recovering attorney, but for over sixteen years I dedicated my life helping clients overcome difficult circumstances. As a former federal criminal defense and family law attorney, I am as comfortable in the courtroom as I am in my living room. Yet, for my clients, the legal process can be overwhelming. Although I no longer litigate, I still help clients feel more relaxed and at ease with the legal process. And where I focus largely on the divorce process, my trial coaching services have proven effective in any area of litigation!


Trial Coaching Package

If the idea of stepping into a courtroom concerns you, you're not alone.

The legal process brings up fears for most people.  Even if you have spent hours working with your attorney to get ready for a hearing, deposition or trial, nervousness and negative emotions can interfere with you getting the best outcome for your future.

Enter, trial coaching. 

Using well-established integrative coaching methods, I will help clarify your thoughts and identify unconscious emotions. I work with you and your legal team to understand the theory of the case, objectives, concerns and other relevant factors in order to establish a coaching plan that will help you tackle any court hearing with relative ease.

In just four weeks, you will build confidence, understanding and learn specific tools that will help you during any court proceeding so that you can focus on the goals and objectives that are important to you and your legal team. 

Trial coaching can include any of the following services:

  •  Initial client intake to familiarize client with coaching and create a trial plan
  • Four confidential 60-75 minute coaching sessions over the telephone
  • Coach assisted trial preparation with your legal team
  •  Review of client deposition or hearing transcripts
  • Completion of and accountability for action items created during coaching sessions

Coaching can not only help you feel more at ease, but will help you appear more confident, credible and less likely to fall prey to attacks under cross examination.

All coaching sessions must begin at least one month before any scheduled hearing date (two months are recommended).

Trial Coaching Package Cost: $1000.

Additional sessions will be billed at $200 per session.

What Others Have To Say About Trial Coaching:

"I heard Linda speak about her client coaching services at a lunchtime presentation and immediately thought of a current client who could benefit from her coaching.  My client who was convinced that her husband would always “win” and there was nothing she could do about it came away from her sessions with Linda as a changed person.  Linda gave her tools to cope with her overbearing husband and a fresh perspective from which to view her divorce and her life.  When it came time for her deposition, she could not have testified better.  When it came time to negotiate a settlement, she used her new perspective to be both strong and reasonable.  My client and I believe that her time with Linda made her a better witness and a stronger person.  With the right client, I recommend Linda’s coaching services without hesitation or reservation." Matthew A. Kirsh, Esq.

Early Phase Divorce Coaching

The decision has been made to divorce. You have a lot to do - but let's face it, you're tired, angry, confused and scared.

The early days of divorce feel a little bit like a race. You have to get an attorney, gather documents, think about strategy and still live your everyday life. It's exhausting, disorienting and overwhelming - not to mention filled with fear of the unknown.

Divorce Coaching can help you sift through the confusion and help you find clarity.

Do you want to feel stronger so you can negotiate on equal footing?

How about end that endless loop through your head trying to understand where things went wrong?

Or maybe let go of some of the guilt so that you don't constantly feel so bad?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to handle your everyday tasks and the increasing demands of your divorce without falling apart or feeling frozen? 

Divorce Coaching in the Early Phases of Divorce helps you get organized and focused. After an initial consultation, we create a customized coaching package that focuses on your specific goals. We will work on helping you accept your current circumstances, understand the role your emotions play and let go of your expectations so that you can focus on doing all that needs to get done. Most importantly though, we'll take the fear out of your future.

All coaching sessions are 60-75 minutes and take place over the phone, so they are convenient and private.

To learn more about Divorce Coaching in the Early Phases, schedule a free consultation today.

Later Phase Divorce Coaching


I know it's hard. You might be wondering how this all happened? How did your spouse turn into someone you barely recognize? When did your life's dreams change? Divorce can leave us questioning everything - our choices, our future and our self-esteem. You might be worrying about what your future will look like and whether it's possible to love again.


What I learned most from my own divorce is that we all have the power to either use our life story to keep us down, stuck in the past, or use it as the launching pad to create the life of my dreams. During the later phases of our divorce (or when it's all over), we're finally ready to heal - to let go of the pain and learn to live again. Later phase divorce coaching focuses on helping you accept your current circumstances and create a healthy foundation for your future. 


Heal Your Heart Coaching™ will help you uncover those gifts and allow you to let go of any anger, disappointment or feelings of failure you might still be feeling. Learn to not only love your life, but make a deep commitment to yourself and your future. 

All coaching sessions are 60-75 minutes and take place over the phone, so they are convenient and private.

To learn more about Divorce Coaching in the Later Phases, schedule a free consultation today.

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