Or maybe you've done What You're supposed TO, but something is still missing?

I felt that way too. I used to think that happiness was something that came at the END. That if I did all the things that I was SUPPOSED to do, I would get my prize. But, after years of doing things that way – following someone else's grand plan, I felt unfulfilled and unhappy.

Happiness is a CHOICE we can all make today!

The reality - in order to really feel TRUE and GENUINE happiness, you have to put happiness FIRST. It won’t magically appear and it definitely isn’t “over there.” Happiness comes when we commit to doing the things that bring peace, gratitude and fulfillment today - and every day.

The Truth: Happy is A Verb!

During my years of checking off the "right" boxes, I realized that I was chasing after happiness in my "someday" belief that it would be there "if only" my relationship was better or I earned a certain living or felt better about my body. But after years of waiting for happiness to magically appear in my life, happiness came only when I learned that there is no next step toward happiness. We have all we need to be happy now and it comes when we treat happiness as a verb - something we actively bring into our lives each day. 

Despite what you have been told, happiness doesn’t take hard work.

Happiness doesn’t just belong to the rich, the beautiful or to the young. It isn’t only for those who are lucky, who have earned it or are born with it. Happiness is all of our rights. It's your right too. I know you've tried other things. I know you've been told by others that you can't be satisfied. But if you are ready, I promise to show you the way.

My mission is to share with you all I have learned so that you can feel genuinely happy, even during the tough times. Let's work together so that you can find your happy place.

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