Heal Your Heart Coaching

Can Your pain really be the path to Your happiness?

I know it's hard to believe right now, but the pain you are feeling right now IS the hallway that will lead you to the happiness and love you want most in your life. 

Too often, we believe that the heartache we feel after a break up, loss or divorce means that we are destined to live a life alone, broken or unhappy. I certainly felt that way after my divorce. With two small children in tow, I was scared, worried and full of self-doubt (and self-pity). I felt worthless and wondered often, who would want me now? Instead of seeing opportunity, I saw defeat. 

It's almost hard for me to believe that I felt that way because had I not experienced that pain and loss, I would never be where I am today: happy, following my passion and in a loving relationship.

What if everything that you are feeling right now, was perfectly designed for you to heal, so you can find and receive real love?

Yeah, that's possible. 

Heal Your Heart Coaching™ is based on the best-selling books Spiritual Divorce and The Right Questions by Debbie Ford. During this 13-week program, you will learn how to embrace happiness and discover how to heal your past wounds. By learning The Seven Spiritual Laws of Divorce, you will have an opportunity to realize unconditional love for yourself and create an incredible future fueled by love, confidence and passion. 

Through weekly confidential phone calls lasting 60-75 minutes, you will discover new life skills and create action steps that will deepen your relationship with others - but most importantly, yourself! You will receive a comprehensive workbook to assist you in this process and have specific reading assignments that will serve to deepen your process and unlock new possibilities.

Some of the skills we will cover include:

  • Accepting our life circumstances and letting go of fear
  • Learning how our partner was the perfect person for our personal evolution
  • Forgiveness of ourselves and our partner
  • Making new choices and breaking old "love" patterns
  • Taking responsibility for our situation and making powerful new choices
  • Creating a new exciting vision for your life and love

Unlike therapy, coaching is forward thinking and designed to move you toward a life you can't wait to live. It doesn't matter how hurt or distraught you feel right now, I promise you that at the end of thirteen weeks you won't recognize yourself. You will be surprised at how far you've come and feel completely empowered to begin your new future.

"Linda, I feel like a different person from when we started and I'm so excited for the future." D.

Whether you want to improve your current relationship or are contemplating, in the process of, or post-divorce, Heal Your Heart Coaching™ will transform your pain and loss into inspiration and love. 

Want to Know if I can Help You? 

Coaching begins with a conversation. It begins with understanding your particular circumstances to see if working together, we can achieve your goals. I only work with clients who are ready to commit and make the changes necessary to live an extraordinary life. There is no charge for my introductory session - simply sign up by clicking the button below. I look forward to connecting with you. 

Have any Questions? E-mail me at linda@lindamperry.com.

Client Love:

"Heal Your Heart was an amazing journey for me. We all know that the answers are inside us, but we don't always know how to find them. By working with Linda as my couch, she was able to guide me and to help me find those answers to heal myself. It was not an easy journey, also not a journey that is over. I now have the action steps and the tools to deal with all of my heart's emotions. Without taking the Heal Your Heart coaching, I would still be struggling with the heartache and pain that was crippling my life! I recommend this process for anyone that is dealing with heartache and loss from any type of relationship. My life is so much better because of this process." - Shawn


"With Linda’s help I feel I was allowed to reclaim myself, my whole self, my inner self. She helped me to face and own my fears, to think of myself in a different light. Working with Linda has empowered me and I now get to choose my path, my direction, my future." - Debbie


"Last year, my husband of 19 years and the father of my five children and I began the excruciating process of divorce. Within hours, days, weeks and months, my life cracked. I cracked. Every part of my life dismantled. I didn’t call many people. I was humiliated, shamed, depressed, horrified, numb. But I desperately needed help in one of the darkest hours of my entire life. I called Linda. And from that first phone call to today, my life shifted and changed in ways I never dreamed. I asked Linda at first, can I really change? Can I really get through this? I have never felt as vulnerable to another human being as that moment. Like the little 5-year-old neglected girl inside me, I needed assurance and honesty. I needed someone I could trust and not judge. I needed strength yet compassion. I needed her ear and her voice. I needed Linda more than I ever thought possible. Because in my first life (with my husband) I didn’t need or want anyone. I lived in a safe cocoon that I weaved myself over fears someday I’d have to face my shadow. And I did, face my shadow. I faced my demons and faced all my relationships with a brand new lens that was clear and focused - thanks entire to Linda and practice. My life is forever changed and I’m at peace all because of working with Linda." - Kelly Rudniki


"Linda Perry has been my salvation.   When I first called Linda, I was facing the end of my marriage and trying to figure out how to survive.  What’s so special about Linda’s coaching techniques, is that she doesn’t teach you how to survive – she teaches you how to become your own best advocate and how to learn to find the gifts in all the pain, confusion, anger that your circumstances of divorce have thrown at you.  Linda was able to open up a way of thinking that I could not have done on my own.  Prior to working with Linda, I spent years sitting on a therapist’s couch, only to find myself complaining about life, relationships, etc. and not being helped in developing or learning tools to deal with life and relationships.  That was surviving and it wasn’t working.  Linda teaches you to ask the right questions – the questions that will empower you to rebuild a life you didn’t think was possible- and better than what you can imagine when you’re just starting this process.  She keeps things real, but what I value most is her coach techniques that focus on growing and finding the positive in all the negative.  A year later today, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t utilize consciously or unconsciously the tools she’s worked so hard to instill in me. I simply can’t thank Linda enough.  I’ve recommended Linda to many friends and will continue to do so.  She truly cares and will touch your life in the most meaningful way." - Susan

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