Happiness Groups: Join My Happiness Revolution

Studies show that spending time with others automatically deepens feelings of happiness. When you coach in a group, you quickly discover how similar we all are: we share the same fears, worries and unconscious beliefs that keep us from experiencing what we most desire. You also have the support of others who, like you, are ready to make serious changes in their life!

YOU DON't have to do it alone.

As others the group makes big changes, you too are inspired to make the important changes that help you release old patterns and take powerful new steps toward the life you most desire. And when you sign up for my Happy is A Verb! coaching program, you will receive access to a private Facebook Page where you can share, learn and applaud your accomplishments as you move from where you are to seriously happy.

Are you Ready to take action and leave unhappy behind for good?

Great! Because that is what this program offers you. The reality is that most of us realize that we already have what it takes to be happy, we just need to be guided to put all the steps together and help release all of our stumbling blocks. So many programs promise you happiness - but the difference is that we will take action to build, release and strengthen the muscle that we all have to ensure that genuine happiness is available to us regardless of what might be going on in our crazy, busy, unexpected lives!

Happy is a Verb! Coaching

6 week coaching group

Yeah, I know. Happy technically isn't a verb - but if we want to experience genuine happiness in our life, we need to treat it like a verb. Happiness comes from taking the RIGHT actions - not just one time, not just today - EVERYDAY! In this program, I will show you some tried and true techniques that you can begin to use now so that you can experience happiness immediately instead of waiting for your "someday". Learn too how to STOP doing the things that keep you from finding what you most want. Release patterns and let go negative self-talk - that stuff we say to ourselves we would never say to anyone else - and reclaim your natural right to be happy!

the detailS:

Happy is a Verb! Coaching takes place over the phone so it is easy and convenient (and hey, let's face it, it's kind of fun to get the weather updates from various places around the world each week). You will be provided with the following:

  • 6 weekly group coaching sessions (to learn and share)!
  • Access to a Private Facebook Page so you can connect with others and share your progress.
  • 1:1 support from me within the Facebook Group or e-mail.
  • 12 Happiness Meditations to jumpstart your mornings!
  • Homework assignments so you can practice taking action.
  • Happiness Anchors that will help you maintain what you have learned.

What we will cover:

  • How to move powerfully toward genuine happiness, everyday.
  • Identify and let go of all the things you are doing now that rob you of your happiness.
  • Learn to identify, create and follow your personal life plan.
  • Examine and redefine your deepest beliefs.
  • Increase self-worth and confidence.
  • Turn difficult times into launching pads for bliss.
  • Look for happiness within and not without.

Most of all, you will learn how to truly become your own source of happiness. I am excited to support you in uncovering the you - you always have known exists.

Total Investment: $497

Have any Questions? E-mail me at linda@lindamperry.com.

The Next Happy is a Verb! Coaching Session coming this Winter!