It all begins with five easy steps.

Believe it or not, happiness doesn't come from being rich or pretty. Happiness studies show that happiness is a mindset that we can create and foster each and every day. And while we may not be able to change our job or even a difficult relationship, we can take meaningful action that will bring us more happiness in our everyday lives.

Here we go:

  1. Start each day with gratitude! 

  2. Create a No Complaining/No Gossip Zone.

  3. Get Moving.

  4. Commit random acts of kindness.

  5. Claim Your Moments.

Start Each Day With Gratitude

Studies show that the more gratitude we feel, the happier, more abundant we become. More than just being thankful, gratitude is about finding the joy and goodness that exists in our lives right now.

Each morning, spend a few minutes identifying three new things that you are grateful for in your life.

It can be as simple as a cup of coffee, sunshine or cherishing a silent moment. And it can be as grand as the love of a child. The key is to spend time connecting to and breathing in deep gratitude for all that exists in your life as it currently is. I invite you to write down your three things in a journal so you can reflect on and go back over how many wonderful things really fill your life. Have fun with it, buy a journal and make sure each morning you identify three different things (or people) to be grateful for!

Create a No Complaining-No Gossip Zone

Nothing robs us of our happy feelings more than complaining and gossip. It may feel good at first, but the more we complain or gossip about others, the more separate and alone we end up feeling. And even though "everyone does it", complaining and gossip only leaves us feeling like a victim and doesn't allow us to create real solutions to our real problems. Every time you catch yourself complaining, simply ask what is it that I am trying to achieve? If you want real change, find a proactive way to approach the issue head on.

Create a no-complaining-no-gossip zone in your life.

Every time you find yourself in a situation where others are talking badly about others or a situation, change the subject or walk away. The key is to protect your space from this kind of negativity.

Get Moving.

Exercise - whether it is walking, dance, intense cardio, yoga or anything that works for you - is key to putting you on the road to happiness. And even if a regular routine feels hard right now, all you really need is 15 minutes to reap the benefits. Exercise helps release endorphins - chemicals - that are proven to improve our mood. Make it your practice to get moving at least 15 minutes a day and you will immediately see an improvement in the way you look at your life.

Commit Random Acts of Kindness

As it turns out, helping others makes us feel better. It's true. If you want to feel happier, make it a habit to pay for someone's coffee, smile, give a hug or whatever comes to mind. Doing this every week makes us feel better about ourselves and what we have to offer the world. Plus, imagine the ripple effect of committing random acts of kindness. Imagine how happy someone might feel knowing that someone else cared enough to help them out. Start each week with a plan. We often forget to plan activities such as these, but watch what happens, knowing that you get to spend some portion of your week making others just as happy as you are making yourself!

Claim your Moments

We might have been taught that we shouldn't brag or boast, but acknowledging our accomplishments are an important component of being happy. Happy people know how to take joy, pride and breathe in their victories. This isn't about making ourselves feel better, but really about looking at the ways we really do make a difference. Each time we make changes that move us in the right direction, we need to learn to claim the moment. Whether it is sharing our achievements with a trusted friend or rewarding ourselves with a special day or a massage, claiming our moment helps build our transformation muscle. When we can see our victories, we learn to trust ourselves and begin to make real and lasting changes in our life. So, even if it feels embarrassing at first, make sure you take the time to claim your moment. Buy a journal, form a support group or e-mail me.

I am ready to listen and support you in finding real happiness!

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