Why YOU are the last person you spend money on

Have you noticed that when it comes to spending money on anything – especially your well being, you are the last person you will spend money on?

I can remember the first time I called to find out about life coaching and even though I was so excited about the opportunity to coach, I inevitably heard that little voice creep into my head. The one that says, ‘you can’t afford this’ or ‘now is not the time.’ I spent years listening to that voice – the one that told me that it would be selfish, stupid, and extravagant to spend money in this way. For years I chose to listen to that voice and suffer through life rather than invest in me.

In fact, it was as if my life was just ok enough so that I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on making my life better.

I would tell myself I can’t go to that workshop or hire a coach because with two kids and a mortgage, that was “wasting money” on me. The funny thing is that when I look at reality, there was a ton of money that I wasted - on my bad habits, on a great pair of jeans, and on countless stupid little things that I just couldn’t live without at the time. The truth was that spending money on myself all at once was what I couldn’t bring myself to do. Even though all of my little expenses added up – my desire to spend money on myself in one sitting had a cutoff. The reason?

It ultimately boiled down to this: I didn’t value myself enough.

And when it comes down to thinking about ourselves, most of us don’t believe that our well being is a good enough investment. Even if I told you that I would offer a 100% money-back guarantee that your life improve as a result of doing my 10 week coaching program and I were to offer you a 50% discount, over half of you out there would still tell me you don’t have the funds to be coached. It’s only natural – most of us can’t bear to make our well being a priority. We make everything and everyone else around us more important than we are. It isn’t until our lives are literally crumbling around us that we finally dig in and take the step we have known – deep down – will positively impact our lives.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way – why should you wait until you’re down on your knees begging for relief?

You don’t. The truth is that you are fabulous and deserve to put your wellbeing first. Looking back now, after I finally pulled the trigger and paid for coaching (and became a coach myself), I laugh at how many excuses I came up with. I kept looking at the financial cost, but never understood that the financial cost was minimal when compared to the emotional cost – the cost that repeating bad habits, feeling angry and beating myself up had on me and my family. I thought that by putting off taking care of myself that I was only hurting me. I was actually hurting my kids more because all they ever saw was an unhappy and tired mom.

In the end, I finally reached the tipping point – the point where staying stuck was no longer going to work. And it fascinating, when you get to that point of despair, money doesn’t seem to be an obstacle. Because at that point, our lives are so out of control or worn down that we choose to get help because it will benefit those around us – it is only then that the ends justify the means. The truth, though, is that we really can’t afford to wait until our lives are unraveling.

Instead, we have to begin valuing our self-care a little more each day.

This week I would like to invite you to step into valuing your wellbeing. Whether that means signing up for a free consultation, a coaching package, joining a book study or buying a wellness book, taking the first step can create the ripple effect that allows you to change your life. 

If you are ready to sign up for a FREE coaching session, click below and schedule a time with me today.

P.S. Most life coaches I know love what they do, passionately. They know that coaching will change your life dramatically. How? Because they have probably seen amazing results themselves – and I promise you they aren’t unique. Even more importantly so many of us offer payment plans or if asked, might reduce our hourly rate a bit because we want you too to experience what we know is possible.